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TAE Summer camp 2021

19 – 24. July 2021 in Urnäsch, Switzerland


We would like to invite you to the fifth Takemusu Aikido Summer Camp set in the magnificent nature of Switzerland.
An immersion residential retreat such as this is a great opportunity to explore with fellow aikidoka’s the many facets of this art:

With weapons practice at all levels from solo basics and partner exercises where we explore the ‘grammar’ of body movement and interaction before looking into the problems and challenges used by the more advanced forms in the kumitachi and kumijo.

In empty handed technique, leading on and connecting with weapon training (Riai). What are the fundamentals of body posture and movement? Why is aikiken so important in this respect? In Aikido how do we understand interaction? What is the relationship between the basic training forms and the more advanced variations and applied forms?

Where is the art fixed in terms of its fundamental forms and were is the space for creating and expressing new techniques as creative and unpremeditated responses?

It is this balance between the clear form that is the strength and foundation of this style of Aikido and more playful and creative technical responsiveness that becomes possible once the basics are ‘under the skin’ that Sensei Lewis Bernaldo de Quiros would like to explore with us in this summer camp.

Last minute registration: Here!
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